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Comment Guten Abend. Eigentlich haben wir im Nachmittag schon welchen abbekommen. Wer hat gesagt, der Monat werde langweilig sein? Zwei kolumbianisch-amerikanische Trainer und viele Spieler aus Lateinamerika. Danke, und verzeiht mir bitte, dass ich ein so heikles Thema ins Schneckenhaus bringe. Ich will keine Unruhe stiften. Bei der Internet-Suche habe ich etwas zu Kate Upton und ihrer 'Rundungen' aufserviert bekommen, aber ohne Datum, also keine Ahnung, ob es auch nur halbwegs aktuell war.

Comment Thanks for the move, Goldammer. I am in favor of fully utilizing all entries in a thread, BTW. Trump wrapped in the American flag giving the Nazi salute and titles "Sein Kampf". FAZ finds this inappropriate. I am not in the mood to discuss this, but have no objections if others want to have a go.

Comment Robert.. So I avoided using that term; until it recently crossed my mind and seemed to be appropriate with a minor degree of likelihood, though. Comment Robert, I also sent you a PM.

I'm on my way to my home village where there's a Stammtisch of my old elementary school class tonight. Before, I'm planning to try to find a spot in the forest where we used to go to with my mother as kids, it was a "hike" we did often. There was a little flat rock where we sat and had a picknick, my mother brought a book and enjoyed reading while we kids explored the forest, built little huts from sticks and moss and populated them with animals we made of fir and pine cones.

A highly romantic reminiscense - I have no idea if I'll be able to find the spot because there's no path leading there directly. I sort of remember where it was, but not exactly. Das Thema ist egal wo schon 'unangenehm' Beispielhaft ist Folgendes:. Viele haben jetzt Angst vor Trump und ganz egal wo auf der Welt man lebt.

Und auf welchem Basis? Das er etwa ausflippt? Er beneidet die Diktatoren der Welt. Zweifelt denn jemand daran? Kein Geheimnis, das. Nur der Abschreckfaktor daran, dass er in der Abbildung einen Hitler wachrufenden Zeichen zieht? Ein hike in der Natur braucht nicht lang oder anstrengend zu sein, um als Solches qualifiziert zu sein;-. It was a hike getting back to our car after the concert.

We had to park at what felt like a kilometer away. Comment Goldammmer: You seem to have had an adventurous childhood. So had I I talked about that earlier. And I still find every rock I climbed when I was about ten, because I went there several times since.

Gegenwärtiges Geistesleben und Erziehung: Zehnter Vortrag

Did you know that rocks get smaller when you grow up and taller again, when you get old? The only one I tried to keep contact with vanished in the air years ago. Comment RenaRd: So did I. So had I Comment Hola, Hurrikan-Fans. Das fragliche Titelblatt war vom 'Stern', nicht wahr, nicht vom 'Spiegel'. Ist es denn eine Boulevardzeitung Tabloid , oder eher nicht? Comment I think I found the place. I still have to compare the little rock with old photos.

The trees are of course different ones - after all, it was around 55 years ago I also visited a few other special places around my home village, the Pommerles Loch and a Celtic "sqare ditched enclosure" - that's what Leo gives for "Viereckschanze". The Stammtisch was also very nice afterwards, sharing reminiscences from our school days. So, an enjoyable visit to the old and recent history. Amazing story several of my class mates who were involved remembered - this was when I wasn't in the class any more because I had changed to high school in the next town and they continued with the secondary school in the village: 11 students hadn't done their homework.

Teacher had them all lined up in a row and then proceeded along the row, slapping each of them in the face! Comment Harvey is not only making landfall, it also made it to the news in Germany. I wish the Texans and their neighbours that the damage will be not as huge as feared and I hope that people who live in affected areas are prudent enough to get evacuated where it is sensible. About the "Stern" being a tabloid or not: Answers will differ, but I don't think it complies with the usual definition of a tabloid.

I have to admit I haven't read it for many years. When I lived in a student hostel centuries ago, our floor had a subscription for the Stern, so I usually read it. At that time it had a couple of serious of articles on serious topics, usually easier to read than the Spiegel or the Zeit we had a subscription for as well , and a few pages for entertainment. Comment Goldammer: How nice that you have found your childhood resting place. Reading about the growth of the trees I was reminded of the cliffs of my childhood.

We had a fantastic view into the Sauerland hills and valleys, the Ruhr an arcuate lake meters below us. When I was there last, approx. I choose pic No3 to give you an impression. I hope it opens first. Someone must have filled soil between a path on the left, not to be seen to ease the way to the rock and all the trees around did not exist back then. The problem was looking down from the slanting small platform.

As I mentioned before when you look at the picture mind the slope on the right you can only imagine the lake meters below. It will come with a lot of water, it is said. Die neueste Nachricht, was den Hurrikan betrifft: Es hat geregnet und wird wohl wieder mal regnen.

Aber es bleibt noch zu sehen, wie viele Zoll welche Gegende abbekommen, und wie schnell. Halbzeit immer noch , aber trotzdem lebhaft und spannend, ein gutes Spiel bisher. Comment " I had been at that place before. Comment Hello everybody,. I just sent an e-mail to Robert, thinking and rethinking and rerethinking if I should post this here -. Since I am really interested to hear in hearing? At first I thought "How embarrasing and stupid to publish such an insulting and offensive picture of an elected president of a friendly democratic country just to sell some extra papers and have the name "STERN" back to international headlines!

After some thinking I am not so sure what I think anymore.

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Since Mr. But I still think it is not appropriate for a German or maybe even any other country's newspaper to do this. If this is not appropriate to be discussed here in the CC, please forgive me and just don't answer. My post is not about the president but if it is ok to publish this kind of front page, particularly by from? Comment Hallo Schnecken!

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I think I heard on the new 8 large Red Cross Kitchens and bunk trailers are leaving from various Florida cities in the morning along with other supplies. Comment Oh, hm--us, so much water! Thinking of you and all the people in the affected area. Und harambee habe ich, glaube ich, auch irgendwo oben gesichtet.

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Je mehr, desto besser -- the more the merrier. Es kommt sehr darauf an, wo man genau wohnt. Danke, dass du dich gemeldet hast, hm.


Um dich machte ich mir schon Sorgen. Unsere Freunde in Austin bekommen sehr viel Regen. Hoffentlich geht es auch ihnen gut. Good to read that you are safe and sound. As to your town house I hope you have contacts to friends and neighbours to keep you up to date via cell, SMS or WhatsApp. Golden oldies…. On the other hand, as you know from my experience, there are treatments nowadays to stop the progression.

It slowed down the progression of my AMD substantially. Comment me Was du eben schreibst, gibt mir Anlass zu denken.. Comment eclectus, please check your PM. Comment hm--us, can't you take all your esteemed family belongings to the second floor?